Summer holiday
- 01/07/21

We are closed from... ...

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Horse rug
- 10/06/21

Originally made at the Royal Military Clothing Factory... ...

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- 10/06/16

New Creton collection ...

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New linen/cotton collection
- 08/06/16

New collection in natural fiber ...

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'Highland' cushions
- 14/04/16

Cushions in the wool textile 'Highland' ...

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Danish Art Weaving launches updated Brocade collection
- 21/03/16

Danish Art Weaving updates Brocade collection ...

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Highland - New design from DAW
- 14/08/15

Danish Art Weaving launches new wool textile, inspired from the Scottish Highlands ...

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Danish weaving mill supplies historical building in Norway
- 13/03/14

In connection with the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, the government has commissioned a thorough renovation of the famous building. The plan is to restore it to the exact way it appeared in 1814. This means that only specific materials, colours and work methods may be applied and only after having been approved by historians and conservators. ...

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Danish furniture fabrics in international culture giant
- 03/03/14

DAW has previously supplied furniture fabrics for other similar projects. Among them, The Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada and The Burlington Performing Arts Center in Ontario, Canada. ...

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- 21/02/14

Nice is a new fabric, woven from wool and flax. It exists in 26 discreet nuances and is suited for upholstery on all kinds of furniture ...

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