with a focus on quality and design


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Home textiles

with a focus on quality and design


Hand-woven fabric from Danish Art Weaving

Machine Woven Textiles

with a focus on quality and design

Interiors with style and care

Our collections of quality fabrics for furniture and home accessories arise from the crossing between tradition and innovation. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality textiles, and throughout the years we have kept a genuine curiosity for developing new trends and pursuing new ideas.
But at DAW we also think about your home, when we design our collections. We know that a sofa should be comfortable to sit in, a pleasure to touch and interesting to look at. We also know that the upholstery must be hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain. And that’s the knowledge we base our choice of design, colour and materials on.

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Help and advice on furniture fabrics

To help you gain the most benefit and pleasure from your upholstery we have collected a number of advice and recommendations that you can use both before you buy new furniture and once your acquisitions are in place in your home.
We advice you on how to choose the right design and material for your settee or armchair, and we inform you about how to keep your textile in the best possible shape.
And since, sometimes, accidents just do happen we have also put together a guide on how to remove stains from the fabric efficiently and with the least possible impact on the material.

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Summer at Danish Art Weaving.
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Considerations when choosing upholstery



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