Environmental sustainable production

Nature supplies us with some of the best materials – wool, cotton and flax – for designing furniture fabrics. Therefore we are also obliged to take good care of nature when transforming those natural materials into chair and sofa upholstery.
At DAW, it is a priority that all processes in the manufacturing of our textiles are carried out as environmentally lenient as possible. For instance, no metallic dyes are used for dying yarns and fabrics, and the newest technology ensures a minimal use of water.
Several of the textiles in our assortment have been certified or environmentally labeled. Our product catalogue will show you which ones. These are the two green labels that are used for upholstery fabrics.

EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel – also known as ’The Flower’ – is one of two officially recognized green labels in Denmark. (The other label is ’The Swan’).
’The Flower’ was established by the European Commission in 1992 and is used all over Europe.
This green label is given to products that live up to tough environmental demands, consider human health and are of high quality. The demands are increased every four or five years and are always higher than stipulated in environmental laws.


Oeko-Tex is the world’s leading health label for textiles. It shows that the product is tested and approved in accordance with international demands regarding the content of chemical substances that can cause – or are suspected of causing – damage to the human body.
Oeko-Tex is a voluntary labelling system. It is organized by the international Oeko-Tex association with representations in more than 60 countries. In Denmark Oeko-Tex is handled by Technological Institute.
The Danish version of the label was previously called Øko-Tex, which caused misunderstandings of whether the products were organic. Products labeled with Oeko-Tex are not organic, but they do not contain substances that may cause damage to humans.