The better you maintain your furniture upholstery, the longer the fabric stays beautiful and strong.
You can do much to keep your furniture fabric in good shape. For instance, it’s a good idea to vacuum clean your furniture regularly – preferably once a week. It removes dust and dirt that may otherwise penetrate and fix itself in the textile.
Once or twice a year it is a good idea to clean the upholstery more thoroughly with shampoo or other cleaning products. Remember always to use products that don’t leave sticky remnants on the textile. This may attract more dust and dirt.
Read the instructions of the producer before setting to work and conduct a test cleaning in a place that is not immediately visible. Never use soap, ammonia water, bleach or other cleaning agents designed for hard surfaces. Do not wet the textile through and avoid pushing the liquid through the fabric.
Upholstery will stretch over time. If you switch places in your sofa regularly the fabric and the padding will be worn more uniformly and will stay in shape for longer. Brush the fabric with your hand from time to time so it becomes more evenly distributed on the cushions. If you steam woolen upholstery with a steam iron it will contract and regain much of its original shape.