The diamond within furniture fabrics
- 05/06/22

Mohair is made from the hairs/fibres of the angora goat and it is recognised as ”the diamond” within natural fibres.

Originally, the angora goat came from the Himalayas where the people used mohair to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions there. Today, the main market for mohair is in South Africa.

The mohair fibres are processed and spun into yarns which are utilized in the weaving of fabrics. For over two centuries, mohair has developed into a product of highest quality and it is used as a fabric for furniture, textile for clothes and yarns.

Mohair is highly durable and resilient, and it is known as one of the world’s most exclusive natural fibres. The mohair fabric has natural radiance. The colours are intense and radiant. It gives comfort during both cold and warm temperatures.

Mohair is easy to maintain and clean. It is covered in a lanoline-layer protecting the yarns against stains. The fabric is ecofriendly since it has an OEKO-TEX and Cradle-to-Cradle certification.

Danish Art Weaving has 3 different Mohair designs: Grand Mohair, Jazz Mohair & Marimba Mohair. Grand Mohair comes in 36 colours. Jazz Mohair is in 36 colours and Marimba Mohair in 26 colours.