McNutt is Danish Art Weaving's product name for our hand-woven wool textiles, which are among the finest in the world. 
Danish Art Weaving has been selling McNutt for more than 25 years. We have supplied this exclusive, hand-woven textile for furniture and projects all over the world.
McNutt is a handwoven, eco-friendly textile in 100% wool. The yarn is semi-spun to ensure that it has the right quality and texture to be handwoven on the large handlooms. 
All the textiles in the collection are made in the traditional way on large hand looms, which are operated manually by experienced master weavers. 
McNutt textiles are inspired by their surroundings on the west coast of Ireland, where the untamed Atlantic Ocean, rugged coastline and wild heather help shape the landscape. 
It comes in 10 different designs/colours.

Click here to see video showing how the McNutt fabric is woven.